Thomas L. Craft’s Tribute to Dad

Rev. Thomas L. Craft, Bishop of the First Pentecostal Church of Jackson, Mississippi, sent me a letter expressing sorrow that circumstances had prevented him from attending my father’s funeral. Please allow me to share some excerpts from the letter…12417869_1058354857535861_56319183141088422_n


It is understood by all that when one looks up the word “Christian” in the dictionary – Edwin Judd’s picture appears.

There is no one in our fellowship that I have had more respect for than Bro. Judd. He was honorable, respectful, kind, generous and fair. He served his generation well, and then fell asleep. He had a brilliant mind and a servant’s heart.

There is not anything we can do to completely honor this righteous man of God.

Our prayers are with the family. Remember, you have not only lost a family member, but the UPCI has lost a giant among us. We will never be the same.

39-IO8A0405aFrom the youngest child to our oldest missionary, every country that Bro. Judd has touched should be flying their flag at half mast.

Thank you, Brother Judd, for proving once again that we can have a heart as big as this world.

– Thomas L. Craft


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