Today is the day! It’s Sheaves For Christ Sacrifice Offering Sunday!

Today is the day! It’s Sheaves For Christ Sacrifice Offering Sunday! The children and staff at Tupelo Children’s Mansion will be giving generously in this offering. We are teaching our children to be givers, rather than takers. “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” – Jesus

When you give to SFC, you are helping to support special projects in a big way at Tupelo Children’s Mansion. TCM has been an Allocation Partner with the General Youth Division since the inception of this great fund raising campaign in 1958, when the youth gave $1,000 towards the purchase of laundry equipment. The next year, a vehicle for the Mansion’s use was provided with an allocation of$2,500.00. Over the years, several buildings and multiple projects have been made possible because of SFC. Overall, SFC has invested over four million dollars into this ministry, and nearly 3,000 children have been given help and hope because of your support!
Please watch the video, which features TCM. Let’s “COVER THE EARTH,” and that includes the precious children in Tupelo!

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